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Problems with todays tech

Avery Thomas
Dec 7, 2022

1. The digital divide: The digital divide is a major issue in the tech world. It refers to the gap between those who have access to digital technology, such as the internet and computers, and those who do not. This can be seen in different parts of the world, as well as in different socio-economic classes.

2. Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity is a major problem in the tech world, as hackers are continuously finding new and innovative ways to attack systems and steal data. Companies need to invest in robust security measures to protect their data and systems from these malicious attacks.

3. Privacy: Privacy is an increasingly important issue in the tech world, as companies are collecting and storing large amounts of personal data. They need to ensure that this data is kept secure and that users have control over how their data is being used.

4. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly advancing field in tech, but there are still many ethical and legal concerns surrounding its use. As AI is used more and more in different applications, it is important to consider how it will affect society and ensure that it is used responsibly.

5. Sustainability: The tech industry is one of the largest contributors to carbon emissions.

Avery Thomas
Avery is the founder of Eternal Mind.

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